Whether you’re renovating an old house or working on a new project for a new property, it’s always ideal to hire the right architect to bring your home ideas to life. When choosing an architect, many factors should be considered, and this includes their experience, architect style, qualifications and whether they are easy to work with. You’d want to ensure that you can comfortably work with them throughout the project. To get, we’ve provided some tips on how you can choose a suitable architect for your project.

Architect Style

There are thousands of architects out there with a different taste for interiors and exteriors. So it’s important to choose an architect that matches your needs and specialises in the same style you’re after. Architect’s style can vary from Victorian to a contemporary style. So it’s essential to do your research and narrow down a few architects that you’re interested in working with.

Architect’s experience

Always read through their website and look at their previous work. Usually, architects should have a portfolio that showcases their old and recent work. From looking at their last projects, you should have an idea of what their style is and the level of standard they produce. You may be able to see more of their work through their social media pages including Facebook and Instagram. It’s also worth checking for a review on their website from their previous clients.

Face to Face Meeting

Once you have chosen a few architects, you may want to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss projects and prices and to see how well they can effectively communicate with you. Don’t forget to write down important questions to ask the architect. This can include the time frame of the project, schedules, process, fees and expenses. Now that you were able to meet the architects, you should be able to select one that matches your need and what you’re looking for.