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The Advantages of Column Radiators

Column radiators are a classic staple in home heating systems and they’re enjoying a revival in popularity thanks to the unique and modern designs widely available in the UK. They are now readily available in home improvement stores like Wickes and Home Hardware Direct. Alternatives are available which offer different practical applications, and some people are still put off the idea of basic radiators that don’t look up to date when surrounded by more modern features in a room, but here are some key points to remind you why it’s important to consider high quality column radiators.

1) Compatibility

It’s easy to fit classic column radiators onto almost any standard hot water system, so whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else you don’t need to make any major plumbing changes to accommodate your radiator. It helps to have a professional plumber to fit your radiator but you can be fairly sure it’s not going to cause any complications when you go for a column format. All you normally need apart from the pipe connections are wall brackets on which to mount your radiator.

2) Size and position

The individual columns in these radiators mean they can vary in size – they just need to be produced with a certain number of columns. You need to have at least two for the system to function but they can cover a large area if it suits your design. This also makes them easy to get custom made when you have a specific space to fill. Column radiators can be narrow and tall or short and wide to fit in around your furnishings and other elements.

3) Effective heating

Compared to flat radiators or different designs covering the same amount of space, column designs are extremely effective at actually heating rooms. This is mainly due to having a very large surface area, which is required for heat to pass through the metal and into the room.

4) Value for money

Column radiators are a very classic and traditional design, so it’s possible to find lots of cast iron designs that have been in homes for decades, plus you can buy them and fit them in your own home for a hefty sum. More modern options, however, are basically the same design and can work just as well with the look you’re going for, but as long as they’re not really vintage they’re mostly very affordable. Considering how well these radiators can heat a room quickly, this also saves money over time. A lightweight steel design is normally the cheapest option and can be suitable even for heating large rooms.

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