Rental Properties

Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Tenants

Getting used to living in a rental property can be tricky for new tenants, as it may not be immediately clear whether something is the responsibility of the person renting out the home or the person living in it. The agreement you have with the landlord or letting agency will be unique and there might be some unusual rules to be aware of, but in general these are some basic tips to bear in mind.

Share responsibility with your housemates

If you’re living with family this should be easy, but for many people living with friends or housemates for convenience it can be tricky to agree who is responsible for what. This is definitely most common among students! Sudents often have disagreements over property maintenance, and are usually happy to move in together at first, but for various reasons things can change. It’s important to establish early on that everyone understands what the landlord’s expectations are, and that everyone is going to do their fair share of work to maintain the property.

Stay in contact with the landlord

Whether you’re dealing with a landlord directly or going through a letting agent, it’s important to maintain that contact and ensure you report any problems. To prevent damage or serious issues in the property, you should try to raise any potential issues as quickly as possible. You should be given a formal record of what comes under the landlord’s responsibilities, so you know when to ask for help.

Follow the rules

The best way of making sure you keep your rented property in top condition is by sticking to any rules or guidelines set out by the landlord or agent. They have their requirements for a reason, so if you’ve been asked to maintain things or refrain from doing anything disruptive you’ll probably do well to stick to these rules. This all means you’re more likely to get your security deposit back at the end of your tenancy, so it’s probably all worthwhile.