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Tips For Empty Property Viewings

This is an interesting topic that you may relate to if you remember attending property viewings with no furnishings and so on. You’ll probably be comparing these with other places that are currently lived in and have plenty of possessions still there.

Trying to draw a comparison in this situation is quite difficult, because an empty property looks completely different to when it’s actually populated. Various illusions and misconceptions may cloud your judgement either way, so consider the following tips to try and get the best out of this experience.

First, check the photos

Before you even arrange a viewing, you will often get the chance to browse through photos on a property listing and use these to make an initial judgement. If they’re not photographed particularly well, empty properties can look less appealing and it can be hard to judge scale. You can learn a lot from a good set of photos, but don’t rule something out just because the pictures didn’t amaze you.

The power of imagination

When you come to actually view a property that currently has next to nothing in it, it’s going to be essential that you use your imagination to visualise what could be done with the space. Even if you’re familiar with the furniture you’ll be using, this isn’t easy. However, try to take advantage of the fact that other people’s things are not that to distract you.

Check everything you can

The main advantage of seeing an empty property rather than a furnished or lived-in one is that nothing is concealed. You can see any hidden damage or potential problem areas with no obstructions, so hopefully you’ll make the most of this and identify any structural or cosmetic problems that might otherwise have been missed. If possible, take some measurements while you’re there as this should also be fairly easy.

Find out when it’s available

If you have any interest in the property, make sure you’re clear on when you would be able to move in. This is probably going to be sooner than usual, because nobody has to move out, which can be an advantage if that’s what you need. It can also put the pressure on because the seller might be keen to get away quickly, and someone could get an offer accepted and start moving in before you’ve had a chance to decide.