The living room is the heart of your existence. Here is where you spend life away from the office desk, enjoying life’s little luxuries, maybe sleeping on the sofa or by eating while watching a good film. Whatever you do, the living room is the heart that pulsates within your home. Here is where your family and friends gather to relax, therefore you will want to create a peaceful atmosphere in a well-designed room. Or if your living room is a place where you like to host parties, then your space will need to be designed to that. No matter what theme or style your lounge takes you will need to adapt its design.

Furniture and electronic equipment (TV, DVD player, Stereo etc.) has to be carefully chosen to offer maximum comfort and discreet connectivity. There is nothing worst than a living room which is cluttered with cables, plugs and sockets. Depending how large the living area is and how many live in the home will depend on what kind of seating you need. 2 or 3 seater sofas are often best to choose for most sizes. Choosing the fabric will depend on the theme and the colour scheme you have chosen. If you have a large area and have a modern taste, you should consider a corner sofa, they are great for putting your feet up and some now even have iPod docking stations in them! Always make sure you have nice colourful cushions to match your theme, this will create comfort and even by changing the covers can instantly update the design.

If your sofa will be facing or surrounding the fireplace, you may realise that it is looking outdated compared to your refurbished room and would like a replacement that fits into your new style and isn’t as difficult to clean and maintain. You may want to consider awood burning stove. They will provide the warmth you need, take up little space and have more of a modern look.

Make sure you have one large coffee table or a couple smaller ones within the room. There is nothing more annoying than having to place your cup of tea on the floor. They also are great for storing newspapers and magazines underneath so your room will look more tidy. Always opt for a wooden or glass table to keep the room fresh and clean. If you have a small living area, then sometimes a table will just take up too much space, especially when entertaining guests. Therefore it’s always good to have a folding table at hand. Whether it’s just to put your coffee on or to be used as a work space, you definitely shouldn’t go without one.

Opt for a plush rug if you have wooden flooring, which will also be more convenient for a room. You can change the colour, pattern and fabric when you want a different room design, and will also save the trouble of cleaning the carpet. On the other hand, sometimes your living room is just not enough and you may need an extension. Conservatories are great to add onto your living area, then can be designed beautifully and will instantly create extra space. Bespoke orangeries are a popular choice if you prefer the 17th to 19th century architectual design of the building. If you are looking for more of a modern style, one built with hardwood is a good way to create a fresh and clean look. They can be used for dining rooms, a place to relax when it’s sunny or maybe even an extra room for your children. The possibilities are endless of what you could use a conservatory for.