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How Gain A Whole Extra Room In Your House

Are you feeling trapped in your house because of lack of space? Don’t worry, for there are many creative ways in which you could add more space to your existing home. One of our favourite options, and the first one we’re going to look at in detail, would be a loft conversion.

A loft conversion is in fact an ideal solution for you if you are looking out to expand the living area in your home. Conversion of attic space is an affordable way to expand one’s living area in the home and offer great tranquil getaways from the atmosphere of a busy or cluttered family home. If you want to have an office in your home, for example, a loft conversion can be a great way to transform a space that isn’t currently used into something professional and functional.

“There are different types of loft conversions, and so you need to first identify the type of project that would suit your needs,” said John Steele, lead designer , a loft conversion and extension company in London. You might have to sacrifice some space in your existing home, for example to fit in an additional staircase and link up your rooms logically, as well as potentially having lower ceilings in places. You will also need to consider the pitch of your roof, since a steep slope will give you more space in the centre of your new room but you might struggle to fit in everything you need with steeply sloped walls.

You will have a free choice of what to use your loft conversion for, and although this may be slightly limited by the space available you can probably decide certain aspects of the design early on in the project based on what you know you need the space for. An office or an additional bathroom might be a necessity, or alternatively a bedroom in case you have unexpected guests could add the most value to your home. You might even opt for a games room which can be the perfect escape from hectic family life or a place to entertain visitors that’s neatly out of the way.

With perfect planning and budgeting, though, the loft conversion should turn out to be an ideal option, for it is not only a superb addition to space available in your home, but when done right it will also enhance the aesthetic value and beauty of the place. When you seek the advice of a surveyor or a specialist loft conversion company they will be able to advise you on the design, which will make the maximum usage of space available, adding value to the look of the house.

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