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Tips to Improve Your Heating System

Maybe your heating only becomes a priority when it breaks in the middle of winter, which is probably true of many homeowners. Unfortunately that’s not the ideal time to start wishing you had planned out your system more carefully! Now is the perfect time to look at the setup you have at the moment and find ways to improve it before you’re in need of emergency assistance. Luckily we have some simple steps you can start with.

Firstly, remember even the most experienced landlords and homeowners can’t necessarily be expected to know everything about how to maintain a heating system. It’s a great idea to get a professional boiler service from a local professional company, as many of us have boilers and plumbing that have been in place for a long time and they may develop problems you might not be aware of. If you haven’t recently replaced an element of your heating system it should be cleaned and serviced regularly by a professional to make sure it’s efficient and safe, which will save you money later.

Most UK homes use hot water radiators to heat them, which can lead to air building up inside them which stops them functioning effectively. Once the boiler is running you can open the valves on each radiator one at a time to release any air. The air will come out first followed by water when it’s cleared, so make sure you have something to catch the water when it starts coming from the radiator. Once that happens you can move on to the next one in the system. All this should be done before the winter season when you’re planning to start using your heating more.

Overall the main point for most people, unless you have a specific safety issue to resolve, is to keep everything efficient and cost effective. Heating systems can easily waste money if they’re not correctly set up and maintained. One easy way to help with this is to get a thermostat that can be programmed or even controlled remotely with an app. This allows you to tweak settings and optimise your heating system over time, or this can even be done automatically. If you’re just managing it yourself, check simple things like whether the clock on the timer is actually set correctly – this can catch lots of people out and waste energy gradually.

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